Skypowerinternational – Authorized USA Distributor for Adolf Thies GmbH and Co. KG

Author: Brandon macmilan

Sky Power International is exclusive representative and sole distributor in the United States for Adolf Thies, GmbH and Company (Thies Clima) products of Goettingen, Germany.

Sky Power International offers over 40 years of expertise in international marketing, sales and project engineering experience. This expertise has been gained through extensive manufacturing and general management experience in the USA and over 75 countries on 5 Continents.

Sky Power International mainly deals with high precision meteorological instruments such as wind transmitter, mechanical anemometer, wind measuring system, digital anemometer and more at exclusive prices. A complete range of meteorological equipments are available to suit your requirements. Weather instruments also include the anemometer that measures the speed of wind and the wind wane that indicates wind direction. Together they are especially useful to the world of civil aviation. Humidity levels can be measure with the help of a hygrometer. This instrument measures relative humidity or the moisture in the surrounding air.

It is one of the best sources for locating most advanced meteorological instruments and meteorological systems. Complete range of high quality weather instruments such as wind transmitter, digital anemometer, wind recorder, sunshine recorder and more are available at never before prices.

Sky Power International, LLC was formed in 2007 when Hans Maters, a retired senior international business executive with several American multinational companies and with general management and marketing and sales experience in the US, Europe, the Far East, Africa and Latin America, recognized an opportunity to bring the Thies Clima line of products to the USA market via a US based office in a dedicated and full time manner.

A native of The Netherlands (he immigrated to the USA in 1964), and with intimate knowledge of both the European and world at large business environment, he was active as an international business development consultant in Europe, when he met key managers of Adolf Thies GmbH and Co.

Following discussions with the directors of Adolf Thies Clima GmbH & Co, (Hans Maters is fluent in German, French, Dutch and English), Sky Power International, LLC was appointed as the exclusive representative and sole authorized distributor for Thies Clima products in the USA. Carrying a full line of meteorological devices; we supply devices for measuring wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, pressure, precipitation and radiation.

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Sky Power International is exclusive representative and sole distributor in the United States for Adolf Thies, GmbH and Company (Thies Clima ) products of Goettingen, Germany.

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Lagos, Nigeria was honored by top air safety evaluation certificate from U.S. Federal Aviation!!!

Author: johanpaul

Hats off to the Lagos, Nigeria which has got this remarkable achievement when the U.S. Ambassador declared, that they are giving Nigeria, Air aviation most wanted category 1 certificate. The whole country has celebrated this joyful event with full zeal. So now people from any where in the world can take advantage of secure flying with flights to Lagos. Lagos is the administrative and economical hub of Nigeria. Most of the official affairs are designated to this city. The Nigerian federal aviation operations are mainly carried out at the famous Murtala Muhammad international airport which is situated in Lagos.

Nigeria has got a big fame due to its aviation industry by getting the International Aviation Safety Assessment Certification (IASA). With this rank, Nigeria's air safety evaluation has been improved and now makes this nation capable enough to stand in the leading group of countries that are greatly ranked in carrying passengers to and from world wide destinations by air. Now you can take flights to Lagos any time with full peace of mind that your journey will be more secure than ever before. Now with this certificate the Airlines of Nigeria can fly to any where to any state of U.S. directly with Nigerian cabin crew.

This ranking of the nation means that it meets all the global air safety laws made by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This organization has worldwide eminence in aviation and also a nominal agency of United Nations. This agency sets rules for the functions and protections of air lines. In July a survey was conducted by the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority and this certificated is result of that review. Many other countries have got this certificate but many of them failed to maintain it but Nigerian government assured that they will maintain all these standards rather will try to improve it more. This certificate has also saved millions of dollars of Nigerian aviation industry by applying lesser insurance premium on the Airlines. Flights to Lagos have become a great source of contentment now which anyone can opt without taking any other option.

Mostly business travelers travel to Lagos for the trading, industrial and administrative significance of the city in Nigeria. Booking Lagos flights will not only offer them quality flying services but also at very cheaper rates. Because now Arik Air would list the airplane which is operating flights to Lagos from and to New York with the Nigerian cabin crew will save more money to the Airlines and finally to travelers.

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Take Christmas flights to Lagos and experience more comfy and convenient traveling with safety, to and from world wide destinations.

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Mediterranean Business Aviation Expo (MEDEX2011)

Author: Anthony A Juma

New exhibition and conference event aimed specifically at the business aviation sector.

Malata is determined to become a pivotal point in the Mediterranean region for business aviation. Given the turmoil which has engulfed the Maghreb countries, the islands strategic position as a bridge between mainland Europe and North Africa has for the ninth time come to the fore.

Dr. Marco Ciliberti, a lawyer by profession, but an aviation buff with various interests in the sector, has now officially launched the Mediterranean Aviation Expo 2011 also known as MEDEX2011.The expo and conference is going to be held over a two day period, on September 19 and 20 this year.

The whole event has been timed to be held on the eve of MALTAS International Air Show, which isvery well established with the aviation community at large.

There are plans in place to significantly increase the civil aviation aspect of this air show organized on a voluntary basis by the Malta Aviation Society.

MEDEX2011 has the aim of showcasing what Malta has to offer to the business aviation community .The two day event i9s aimed at owners, business jet management companies, charter and flight support entities, as well as those active in the consultancy sphere.

Dr. Ciliberti is adamant that the first edition of MEDEX to be held in Malta will be a huge success. He has carefully tested the waters, before embarking on this venture.

LAVEX in Libya and AVEX in Egypt are establishing themselves as major shows, with the number of exhibitors and delegates increasing with every event. However, with the political instability that has occurred, the organizers of these shows may have to go back to the drawing board. Attracting delegates and aircraft manufacturers would be no easy task for LAVEX and AVEX as things stand at the moment.

Ciliberti sees this first MEDEX event as an important stop-gap measure that could make good for the vacuum that has ensued since the uprising in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt-three important power-houses in North Africa business aviation.

Dr. Marco Ciliberti has his office in the capital of Malta, Valletta, amagnificent baroque city that was built in 1556 and is the hub of financial and legal institutions on the island.

Brokers and all those involved in the industry attend primary aviation shows to make new contacts with clients, management companies, charter operators and those selling aircrafts.

Ciliberti is aware that, at present, there are hardly any possibilities where North African and Sahel country clients can meet with the major forces within the business aviation sector. As he said:"We simply want to facilitate the whole process".

Besides an array of top notch speakers, the MEDEX organizing team has created a number of signature networking events, to make sure the parties involved in any possible deal, have time to discuss and mingle.

Rosanna Vassallo, who has ample experience in this field, has been tasked with organizing the networking events. Ciliberti personally hand-picked Rosanna for her natural flair in making any signature event she has been involved in, a resounding success. Together with Marco and Rosanna, MEDEX2011 has also recruited Joe Ciliberti, the current president of the Malta Aviation Society.

Joe Ciliberti is known to be an unflustered and determined businessman, who has been involved successfully in anumber of enterprises both locally and abroad. He, together with others, have also painstakingly built from scratch the Malta International Air Show starting with the first edition in 1993. This is an event which the local authorities support whole-heartedly as it attracts a number of foreign visitors to come and have a close look at otherwise elusive aircraft. Joe Ciliberti will be focusing on the logistical aspect of the expo.

The whole organizing team has got ambitious plans of expansion for MEDEX.The response they have had so far has been described by all those involved as "overwhelming".

Marco Ciliberti explained:"The market exists. Malta has always been a destination that is well liked for its mix of history. Nightlife and the superb accommodation if offers."

MEDEX has teamed up with leading hotel chain, Intercontinental, for the first Mediterranean Business Aviation Expo. The European Business Aviation Association, through the Malta Business Aviation Association, has been invited to set the tone as the themes and speakers have been chosen.

Various business aviation operators have already given their approval and will be taking part in what has been described as a "must-attend event," for the munity, given the geo-political shift that has been taking place in the North African market and beyond.

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Anthony Juma is the Editor and Senior Aviation Director at Wings Over Africa Aviation.
This is an Air Charter Company that specializes on e Charter Flights,VIP Business jets Flights, Aircraft Operators, Consultancy Aviation Kenya East Africa|Somalia|South Sudan|DR Congo,Tanzania,Uganda,Burundi,Rwanda,Central Africa & The entire African continent. The website has guided thousands of travelers to achieve their dream holiday. For more information and guidance, visit the site at http:// /

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Join The General Aviation Community Of Pilots

Author: Patrick

Do you want to join the general aviation community of pilots? It is a community of civil aviation operations other than those air carriers holding a Certificate of Public Convenience and it's indispensable! So many individuals are stuggling to find information on how to become a pilot.There are manuals that will serve as guides for you, the prospective student, or for the ones that are fully occupied in flight training and of course the ones soaring through our friendly skies as pilots!

These manuals will show "how to" fashion, general procedures for obtaining FAA student pilot, sport pilot, recreational pilot, and private pilot certificates. Now there are many references to FAA Flight Standards District Offices (FSDOs) contact is maintained between the FAA and the general aviation public. The FAA inspectors at your local FSDO are professionally trainedand are prepared to advise and assist you toward reaching your goal as a pilot. Choosing a Flight School Most airports have facilities for flight training conducted by flight schools or individual flight instructors. A school will usually provide a wide variety of training material, special facilities, and greater flexibility in scheduling.

Many colleges and universities also provide flight training as a part oftheir curricula. There are two types of flight schools catering to primary general aviation needs. We have the certificated "part 141 school". The other as a "part 61 school." Part 141 school has been granted an Air Agency Certificate by the FAA.The certificated schools may qualify for aground school rating and a flight school rating. In addition, the school maybe authorized to give their graduates practical (flight) tests and knowledge(computer administered written) tests.Many excellent flight schools: They find it impractical to qualify for the FAA part 141 certificate andare referred to as part 61 schools. One difference between a part 141 schooland a part 61 school is that fewer flight hours are required to qualify for apilot certificate in a part 141 certificated school. The requirement for a private pilot certificate is 40 hours in a part 61 school and 35 hours in apart 141 certificated school. This difference may be of little importanceor influence for a private pilot certificate because the national average indicates most pilots require 60 to 75 hours of flight training.

With much pleasure!


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Knowing the Civilian Aviation Authority

Author: Tony Beaumont

In the United Kingdom, one of the most important regulatory bodies in the aerospace industry is the Civilian Aviation Authority, or the CAA. The CAA was created in 1972 to act as a public organization to oversee all elements of British domestic aviation. The CAA was formally made the government’s aviation regulator with the Civil Aviation Act in 1982, which replaced the Department of Transport in this role. Aerospace professionals, from engineers to pilots, need to know about the CAA’s regulatory functions and jurisdiction in order to better understand the British aerospace industry.

Aerospace professionals should first understand the jurisdiction in which the CAA provides regulation and consultation. The Civilian Aviation Authority is the sole regulator for flights within the United Kingdom, from small charters to regularly scheduled airliners. However, the international nature of airline travel has required consultation and team work with European aviation organizations in order to facilitate safe and efficient travels. When international regulations come into effect, the CAA’s offices in London act as the local office for the European Aviation Safety Agency. CAA officials also act on regulatory boards of the EASA which determine regulations and enforcement policies.

The CAA has broad authority as the United Kingdom’s regulatory of aviation and aerospace activities, which should be understood by aerospace professionals. The function of the CAA that professionals will become most familiar with is the licensing of aviation and aerospace professionals. Flight crew, engineering, and air traffic controller licensing all run through the CAA and regular license upgrades and renewals are required. In a similar vein, the CAA monitors medical regulations and facilitates physicals for aviation personnel that are involved in regular flights.

Aerospace professionals may become intimately familiar with the professional licensing aspects of the CAA but there are a number of other functions that are equally important. The CAA regulates the United Kingdom register of aircraft, which is necessary to maintain an accurate record of all planes in the region. As well, the CAA regulates the licensing of airplanes and other aircraft in the United Kingdom. The CAA not only regulates individual aircrafts and professionals but leads the charge against unfair aerospace business practices. The CAA’s regulatory function allows it to manage public aviation organizations while regulating against private monopolies. In all, the CAA’s jurisdictional and regulatory functions allow it to deal with safety and economic issues in the UK’s aerospace industry. Aerospace professionals who understand the nuances of the CAA will function better in their jobs.

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Tony Beaumont is the Managing Director of wynnwith aerospace, the leader provider of aviation jobs.

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Jobs in Aviation Industry

Author: Marketing Naukri

Indian aviation industry is one of the fastest growing aviation industries on the globe. The aviation industry in India has undergone a rapid transformation from primarily being a government-owned industry to a privately owned industry today.

Private airlines in India account for around 75% share of the domestic aviation market. Earlier, air travel was a privilege that only a few could afford but it has now become an everyday affair while being much cheaper and affordable. In fact, airlines are adopting a cost effective approach by keeping fares as low as possible.

Jobs in aviation are available in large numbers as it is a vast field that offers plenty of options. Anyone looking for a shift from regular office jobs can hope to make an interesting career in airlines. It involves lot of travel as obvious though there are ground staff jobs also for those not willing to travel much. From pilots to cabin crew like air hostesses and stewards to air and ticketing executives, it extends innumerable career opportunities for all kind of professionals.

Aviation industry in India had suffered huge losses during the times of global meltdown. As the world faced a financial crunch, traveling reduced to almost one-fourth of the original figure becoming a cause of concern. Various mergers and pacts were made among aviation companies in order to survive the losses and pass the phase of recession unaffected. And after the bad times, economic revival finally entered the industry bringing smiles to airline owners.

The restoration of airline sector is expected by next year as lots of activity could be seen in last quarter. As per the latest estimates released by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, an increase in traffic movement and revenues has been witnessed during December 2009. And so, the Airports Authority of India would accrue better margins this fiscal as compared to the last year. This upward movement is being primarily attributed to the increase in share of revenue from Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) and Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL) along with the increase in airport charges.

Foreign investment is also being encouraged in Indian aviation which is up to 33% in domestic airlines. According to Investment Commission hundreds of billion dollars will be pumped in to update and buy new aircrafts; for the development of airport infrastructure; pilot training and air cargo services. As it is, airline industry is facing problems with ATF prices, rising labor costs and shortage of skilled labor, rapid fleet expansion and intense price competition among the players. Seeing the huge amounts of investments, a brighter future of aviation sector is expected.

With large-scale investments being made, more and more jobs in aviation sector are opening up. Some of the vacancies available in airlines include:

-Operations Manager

-Guest Relations Executive

-Travel Consultant

-Fare Filling Executive

-Reservations Executive

-Air Ticket Executive

-Travel Desk Executive

-Travel Coordinator

-Ground Staff

-Product Manager

-Corporate Travel Consultant

-Assistant Manager


-Tele marketing executives

-Branch Manger

-Deputy Manager

-Immigration Specialist

-Programme Management Manager

-Relationship Manager

-Line Captain

-Cabin Crew

-Sales Manager

-Finance Manager

As apparent, you can choose your field of interest and still associate with airline industry. It is a very glamorous field that asks for right skill sets, loads of confidence, customer handling abilities, right body language and excellent communication skills. An airline professional has to be always prepared to deal with toughest of the situation as journey of the flights is very unpredictable.

Jobs in airlines are burgeoning and recruiters are hunting for candidates with pleasing personality and right bent of mind. This industry is all set to reach heights and bring back the boom again.

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Deepika Bansal writes on behalf of, the no.1 job portal in India.She writes on topics like jobs in aviation, Government Jobs in India, IT Jobsand increasing work is a recruitment platform & provides products and services like resume writing services, Salary Tool, Resume Database Access & Response Management tools to corporate world, placement.

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Aviation law: taking a general look in the regulations and organizations in aviation sector

Author: James Blatt

Aviation law refers to legal guidelines which controls matters related to air travel, associated legal and business related guidelines. It sometimes overlaps with admiralty law. Admiralty law basically concerned about sea related matters. Admiralty law and aviation law overlaps when aircrafts are stationed in a luxury cruiser or some other activity related to sea or ocean.

International air safety principles and techniques are fostered by International Civil Aviation Organization (I.C.A.O). The organization sets standards and practices for navigation, civil aviation international border crossing procedure, air accident investigation protocols (Chicago convention compliance), etc. It is a subsidiary of United Nation. United State Department of Transportation has its own agency performing the aforesaid functions at domestic level; it is known as The Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A). The major role of the domestic organization includes:

  • Commercial space transportation sector;

  • Inclusion of new civil aviation technology;

  • Regulating safety standards using district level offices known as Flight Standards District Offices;

  • Development and operational side of air traffic control for both civil as well as military aircraft;

  • Preventing pollution-air and noise by aviation industry;

  • Issuing awards to distinguished mechanics, flight instructors, experienced pilots, etc.

Space law a relatively new legislative field is connected to the US aviation law and organizations regulating the aviation sector. Space law is basically concerned with anything related to outer space. The concept took shape after 1957 with the thaw in US and USSR relations as cold war approached its end.

National Transportation Safety Board Reauthorization Act (2010) empowered the National Transportation Safety Board with:

  • Extensive accident investigation training, revision of the term ‘accident' to expand its authority,

  • Addresses the needs of families of passengers involved in accidents,

  • Directs the organization to answer the legislative wing regarding the manner in which accident information is divulges to victims' families, etc .

There is a wing under U.S Department of Transportation known as the Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement. The website of the department contains online complaint forms. Complaints can be of various types:-

  • Safety and security related complaints- There is also transportation security Administration's toll free complaint number in this regard;

  • Airline service complaints-;

  • Disability and discrimination complaints.

Before complaining to the government authorities or suing in a court of law, it is always advised to approach the company first. In case of any type of complaints you will need to furnish your personal details along with the travel itinery and a duplicate copy of your air ticket. You should probe all non legal methods of getting relief from your problem and then take legal action. In case you are a resident of Florida you should immediately consult an Aviation Accident Lawyer.

Find Florida lawyer, legal aid & their profiles by practice area. For law firm owners, register your online profiles here and get exposed to millions of clients looking for legal services. To get started, send your website information today.

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James Blatt is a contributor to legal journals offering right help in legal matters. In case you require a Aviation Accident Lawyer, he would suggest you to contact Saavedra, Pelosi, Goodwin & Hermann's law firm and their website is found to be very insightful, if you have any query about aviation issues.

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